The ocean, the sand, clean air, good friends, great food and moments of solitude. We find reward in the simplification of a life caught in complexity. A simple life affords us time to focus on what’s important – people, places and moments.

We come from a rugged land, where the wind and the water cause rock to shift and landscapes to conform. We seek shelter from the brunt of a southerly storm, and find solace in the same brutal ocean during the hot summer days.

Our existence is based on reacting to the atmosphere and enduring its relentless push. Our space is blue – the land and the sea, the wind and the water. We swim and we sail.

We value the enduring and the long-lasting. Simplicity is enriching in design and trustworthy in construction. It provides a quality that we can’t afford to ignore. We are rigid in our commitment to natural products and in our belief that natural is best, and simple is honest.

Designed, manufactured and formulated on the east coast of Australia, Gentleman’s Brand Company celebrates the lush Australian landscape and its incredibly rich, native ingredients and extracts.

By applying time-tested methods to simplify the skin care regime, we blend formulas using trusted natural ingredients, bush botanicals, and premium plant-based extracts.

Our products are free from harsh chemicals such as parabens, sulphates, phthalates, artificial colours and synthetic fragrances.

Gentleman’s has established a strong network of retailers – including independent fashion boutiques, barbers shops, perfumeries and premium department stores. Each store – whether they be bricks and mortar or online – share the same principles of the Gentleman’s Brand Co philosophy.

Matthew Woodward

Creative Director

The water is a big part of my life. I’ve been by the coast since I was born, and although never learning to surf, I’ve spent most days on the water. My Father, a dedicated sailor and equally curious mind, instilled my passion for sailing from a young age. Months spent up and down the rugged coastline of Australia. A bloody beautiful place, memories i’ll never forget.

Nick Benson

Brand Director

I grew up in the ocean. Surfing and swimming. My father was a lifeguard at Sydney’s iconic Tamarama beach. Dad taught me to body surf, while my mother took care of my skin. I learned the importance of protection and nourishment as I was raised in the elements. It's a lesson I carry through to today.

Sally Woodward

Natural Perfumer

Sally creates beautiful, natural fragrances from scratch. Her imagination, creativity and skill has set her apart in the skincare and perfuming industry with her products being lauded time and time again. Sally is a co-founder of Gentleman’s Brand Company and is behind the boutique natural fragrance brand, Aromantik.